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Sheffield United Removes Heckingbottom.

Sheffield United announced the dismissal of Paul Heckingbottom as football manager and appointed Chris Wilder to take charge again. Heckingbottom leads Sheffield United to promotion from the Championship. But the situation in the Premier League season 2023-24 has lost 11 out of the first 14

Pochettino refrains from criticizing Raheem.

Chelsea head coach Mauricio Pochettino wants to avoid criticizing the latest England squad, announced for September. But without the shadow of Raheem Sterling, the team’s star winger. That mountain Pointing out that it is the Roaring Lion boss’ full right to choose. All that can be done

Ramsey admits to being left out of Arsenal

Ramsey admits left out of Arsenal. Welsh midfielder Aaron Ramsey admits he still doesn’t understand. He was release from Premier League giants Arsenal in 2019 on a free transfer. The Red Dragon star had a great time with The Gunners in the era of Arsene Wenger, but after that, when