Eddie Howe banned the players from staying in the city in the night.

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Newcastle football boss Eddie Howe banned his players from entering the city center. After club captain Jamaal Lascelles was involved in an altercation in the early hours of August 20.

The 29-year-old was punched and thrown at Police said Lascelles’ younger brother had attack by a group of men and injured him. While leaving the China White Club.

Reports revealed that Lascelles himself was injured from being punched. There were threats of guns being use before the two sides dispersed. Howe order the players not to enter the city center at night.

“We believe Jamal is innocent of what start the incident and is trying to calm it down.” Eddie Howe said. “The other thing is we want our players not to go out into the city center in the early hours of the morning again.” UFABET 

“With the number of games we have to play. I’m not sure that’s where we should have as players and staff in the early hours. In theory we are delighted to be in the city center together with our fans. But the reality is that it might not be the best situation for us to be in the city center at night.”

One witness said Lascelles had a vodka bottle thrown at him by a group of rivals. He also threatened to pull out a gun and shoot. There were also reports that the younger brother of the “Salika Dong” defender was injured. And another friend of the person was also attacked until he passed out. They dispersed before police arrived at the scene. However, no one was arrested from the incident. But the police have launched an investigation into the incident.