Benitez: Gerrard is the best player in his life as a coach

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Benitez: Gerrard is the best player in his life as a coach

Former Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has hailed Steven Gerrard as the best footballer he’s ever met as a coach.

In an interview with Football Delhi, Elbos said at one point that he had offered coaching advice to both Frank Lampard and Stevie G. Who he regarded as the best. As far as I’ve ever seen in being a football coach

“I know Lampard, but I know Gerard better. I’ve been with him for six years and he’s the best player I’ve ever coached. I said that because many people asked me. he is awesome It’s an amazing player. And now it’s a young manager.”

“So he needs time. He had to make mistakes and correct them as he did in Scotland. He is someone who has a great future ahead and what I want to tell them is just listen, that’s it, listen to everyone and try to learn from everyone,” Elbos said.

Since the start of the season, Villa have won just two Premier League games, this time they have scored the winning goal from Jacob Ramsey and Stevie G says his team are responding to criticism they are making.

After losing three league games in a row, they ended their defeat by opening a home offer against Manchester City as well and winning this match. This led them to collect their first 3 points in the last 5 games of the league.