How to play sic bo for beginners.

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How to play sic bo for beginners. It’s true that playing sic bo is pretty easy. Even if you are not someone who has ever gambled. Before you can play. But with a variety of play styles. We also have a way to play Sic Bo for beginners to recommend as follows at UFABET.

  • high-low bet

It is the first form of betting that we want newbies to try first. This method is consider very low risk. It can said that the rate of losing and winning is half and half. We have to predict whether the sum of all the dice will a low score (between 3 and 10) or a high score (between 12 and 18). So the risk is only wrong. When the dealer only gets 11 points. Which is known as the dealer

  • Teng

This method is consider a relatively low-risk style of play. Just guess which score will drawn between 1-6 points. If these 3 dice have any of the balls that come out the number we predicted, the payout rate will be 1 times the bet. If 2 balls drawn 2 times may seem. That playing like this earns quite a bit of money. But if you’re a beginner, this is another interesting way to reduce your risk a lot.

  • Teng Teng 11

Usually, this method of playing Sic Bo is often use with high-low bets. It is similar to bet 0 traps left in roulette. Although the chance of getting 11 points is quite small. But if you win the prize, you will get a profit of 5 times. Instead of giving up to the dealer, you can leave it to win. May be able to bet less than others, so that it is good enough to bring enough capital to have some profits on hand

  • thrust tod

And the last form that we would like to offer to newbies learning to play Sic Bo is this toad. The conditions were not difficult at all. Just we bet at the same time 2 numbers from 1-6. What points will issue? And if there are dice out the points that we predict from 2 or more, for example, bet 3 and 5, if it comes out as 3, 4, 5 like this, it will get 5 times the profit. It is consider another easy way to play and worth it. take a risk

Advantages of playing sic bo

Nowadays, we can easily find playing Sic Bo in general online casinos. Just register as a member and go to start playing. Many websites offer a trial mode. Usually, this mode can found in the group of table games more. Once they have practiced until they become proficient, then move on to play with real money to make profits in the live casino room. In addition to having a lot of betting tables to play There are still good promotions to choose from to make profits for a long time.

Playing Sic Bo in the Live Casino category After we have chosen a table to bet on. Each round will have about 20 seconds to decide how to place bets, how much or how many sides you can place, depending on your convenience. Only bet amount is not less than the minimum and not more than the maximum set by the table. When the timer expires, the dealer will shake the dice for us to continue winning prizes.