Introducing eyeshadow sticks that are easy to carry, easy to use

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An eyeshadow stick is an aid that makes makeup easier and saves more time. Because it has a dense texture, long lasting, not dry, comes with a blend of shimmer that helps the eyes look radiant at once. And most importantly, it comes in the form of a stick. Which is easy to use, easy to carry, can be picked up to decorate during the day or anywhere Today we have gathered eyeshadow sticks for beauty lovers below. The UFABET report

Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil จาก Charlotte Tilbury

Bling Bling Eye Stick from Etude House

     eye shadow stick Soft texture with a mixture of Twinkle Star Powder helps to create a beautiful and radiant eyelid. The color is beautiful and sharp. Long lasting, smooth with the eyelids. It also contains a mixture of nutrient. Essence that adds moisture to the eyelids, not dry as well.

FMGT Coloring Stick Eyeshadow จาก The Face Shop

     An easy-to-use eyeshadow stick. It’s a waterproof formula. Not a stain, smooth texture to the skin. Does not cause glitter dust to fall under the eyes. The silicone resin component creates a long-lasting film. Therefore, there is no worry about the problem of the eyelids being stained or the eyeshadow is peeling off. It also comes at a cute price. comfortable bag as well

Voyeur Eyeshadow Stick by Hourglass

     An eyeshadow stick with a metallic finish. lasts all day Combining highly pigmented ingredients and a creamy texture, this 8-hour long-lasting formula glides effortlessly on the eyelid without clumping or clumping. It’s convenient to use every day. It’s a versatile formula that can be applied in multiple layers. Can also be used for shading and highlighting as well.

     An eyeshadow stick infused with synthetic sapphires. It is a mineral gem with soft focus power. Vivid colors make the eyes look radiant, easy to blend, quick to set and last up to 10 hours. There are 8 shades to choose from. to Luke Glam ready to leave the house at any time

Jumbo Eye Pencil from NYX

     The texture of the eyeshadow is soft, smooth, easy to spread, giving bright, eye-catching colors. With shimmer that helps to increase the outstandingness of the eyes with more dimensions, beautiful color, sharpness, long lasting, can be used as eyeliner  , eye shadow or eye primer before applying eye shadow dust. It will help the eyeshadow to last even more.

Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick from Kiko Milano

     Cream eyeshadow that is easy to blend by blending immediately after applying color. Long-lasting color for up to 8 hours, does not crumble or fall into powder. Comes with a waterproof formula. Delivers vivid, clear and smooth colors comfortable to use Creamy texture, soft and comfortable. There are many shades and textures to choose from. therefore can be applied to a variety of makeup styles

Caviar Stick Eye Color by Laura Mercier

     Eye shadow sticks come with multi-functional features, easy to blend, intense color and long lasting. not easy to fade resistant to ditching The color blends seamlessly into the skin. Able to create beautiful layers of color with intense color pigments. with many shades to choose from

Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick จาก Bobbi Brown

     The color lasts up to 8 hours. It doesn’t dry, flake, fade or melt during the day. can be spread smoothly on the eyelids Helps create a variety of eye looks Whether it’s light makeup to make the color look soft, blend it to add dimension to the eyes or choose to highlight the eyes to stand out.

Magnetic Luminous Eye Color  จาก Nudestix

    An eyeshadow pencil that delivers long-lasting pigment. Does not stain the eyelids Soft texture, easy to spread. The color pigments are slightly shimmery. Dark colors can be used as eyeliner, eye shadow or highlighter, easy to use, easy to carry, without preservatives. Comes with a pencil sharpener

Sugar Twinkle Duo Eye Stick from Peripera

     Double-sided eyeshadow stick Velvet pigments that blend naturally with the eyelids. The other end has a clear pearl shimmer that smoothes the under-eye area. According to the ” Aegyo-Sal” eye makeup style, it adds gimmick to the make-up to look charming, glowing, and looking younger than ever.