5 ways to help reduce wrinkles around the neck.

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 The skin on the neck is the first position. Where signs of aging are found, including wrinkles around the neck , wrinkles or deep lines that occur. If not hurry to take care of fixing May lead to neck problems which can make us look older than our age. The cause of wrinkles around the neck can be caused by many factors. Whether it’s sunlight, heredity, neglecting skin care. Including abnormalities of the neck muscles which no matter what the cause is Nowadays. There are solutions that can help reduce wrinkles on the neck to look smoother and firmer. Which today Vogue Beauty is not missing, share it here.

1.  Exercise the neck muscles

     Sleeping on your side can cause neck wrinkles. which is caused by the pressure of the skin against the pillow while sleeping If you leave it for a long time. It will create a deep trench. and lead to obvious drooping neck problems. Try a facial exercise that can lift and strengthen the neck muscles. It’s as simple as tilting your head back, raising your head. Stretching your neck and holding for 5 seconds. yoga management to help strengthen muscles and does not let the wrinkles on the neck be noticeable

2. Use an effective cream to reduce wrinkles

     UV rays from sunlight are another factor that destroys collagen and elastin. causing the skin to lose its elasticity resulting in wrinkles on the neck Therefore. It is advisable to prevent it by using a neck cream or moisturizer that contains antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. Which can help reverse damage caused by sun exposure and pollution. Another equally good option is the skincare line with retinol, peptides and growth factors. Which is effective in stimulating collagen Also, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your neck.

3. Neck mask to tighten the skin and increase firmness

     In addition to external factors such as sunlight and pollution Weight loss can also be a reason for sagging necks. because of rapid weight loss in a short time May cause the skin on the neck to expand and contract. As a result, the skin is sagging and the lines on the neck are clearly visible. Another solution that should be done in conjunction with other methods is to use a neck mask. By choosing formulas that contain moisturizing and wrinkle-reducing ingredients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and peptide complexes, etc.

4. Use non-surgical skin tightening techniques

     Before jumping to surgery, another good option that does not require a lot of pain or does not require surgery is Ultherapy or skin tightening with ultrasound. Using frequencies such as Vivace RF, Morpheus8 or Evoke can help tighten the skin. and restore the skin around the neck to be firmer And another way is to inject Botox around the neck, which will help reduce wrinkles or joint marks on the neck to fade away. return the tenderness again 

5. Neck lifting surgery or removing excess neck skin

     For people who have sagging neck or sagging skin due to heredity Including getting older Applying the cream or intramuscular administration may not help enough. have to rely on permanent fixes that are more effective is a neck lift surgery By using the method of eliminating excess fat that accumulates under the skin. Keep wrinkles around the neck and wattle. together with stitching to tighten the inner neck muscles as well and hide the wound behind the ear This technique helps to eliminate sagging and provides a lasting firming effect.