Except in an emergency, the landlord must notify you in writing for at least two days before entering your rent to make repairs or inspect the place. If the landlord wants to show the rental unit but to a new tenant or potential buyer, the landlord must only give you 1 day in writing. The note must say that if you receive a subpoena and a complaint, you can respond with a ”message of appearance” so that you do not automatically lose the deportation action. For example, the landlord says you owe rent, but you don`t think you do. The notification of the appearance lets the court know that you would like to argue about your case at a hearing. If your rental agreement is 3 months or more, you can request a payment plan of 3 monthly payments, equal. If your lease is less than 3 months, you can request a payment plan of 2 equal monthly payments. Payments must start at the beginning of your rent and are due on the same day as the rent. If you make one, the owner can cancel you 3 days in advance to move. You must move within 3 days of receiving the notification or the owner can file an eviction action against you.

For a month-to-month contract: In almost every part of Washington, the owner doesn`t need to move you. They just need to inform you in writing in advance that they want you to move. Lease – can be a written agreement (a rental agreement) or a verbal agreement to rent a place where they can live. Evictions: A lessor may immediately take action in unlawful detention (eviction) if the tenant is involved in drug activities on the spot or if the tenant is involved in gang-related activities. A landlord can evict a tenant if they do not meet the non-hazardous rental requirements and correct the situation within the time limit after receiving the official notification. (RCW 59.18.180) State law (RCW 59.18.140) now prohibits most rent increases for the duration of a tenancy agreement (even if you agree). But there is an exception for some subsidized housing units, where rent is tied to your income. In these cases, the landlord must give you written notice at least 30 days before the rent increase.

In the case of fixed-term leases: Normally, a lessor cannot move you without reason if you have a lease, unless the term of the lease is over (usually at the end of the first year).