13 Customer Representation Agreement AgencyInfirmation (buyer/seller and customers/customers/customers/ customers) signing of this agreement confirms the relationship between the two parties In the case of customers, it confirms the agency agreement in the case of customers, it confirms the customer service agreement It is usually signed for ”engraved in stone” or confirm a relationship 4 service contract to the buyer to the buyer with whom they signed a customer service contract: to exercise due diligence when providing information and questions Answer legal duty, Do not present false Ethical Duty, honestly act, fairly and with integrity If the real estate agent provides an after-sales service or represents more than one buyer or seller for the same transaction , they must communicate in writing to all buyers and sellers the nature of their relationship with all parties at the first possible opportunity before an offer 12 Customer Representation Arrangement Non-compliance with the brokerage agreement to request commissions if they are aware of an expired listing agreement. exists, unless the seller explains in writing that he will pay a commission If a seller has already signed a list contract with another broker, your broker cannot claim a commission unless the seller has agreed to pay the same in writing. You can contact another broker`s client (not exclusively), but you cannot contact another broker`s client (exclusively) It can also be defined that the contract that is not enforceable by law is known as a contract. Not all agreements are applicable by law, so not all agreements are contracts. To be exact, a legally enforceable agreement is called on the facts or no contract. A contract must contain the following elements: offer and acceptance, reasonable and unconditional consideration, free consent, capacity, legitimate purpose, security, intention to create legal obligations, and the agreement should not be declared null and void. When a proposal is accepted by the person to whom it is addressed, it is an agreement. 6 Customer Representation Agreement – MLS Exclusive An MLS Listing Agreement is an exclusive agreement marketed on MLS MLS (Multiple Listing Service) operated by local real estate managers such as toronto Real Estate Listing Board MLS Listing, Broker Listing and Broker Cooperating Brokerages are considered MLS real estate offerings and are therefore regulated by competition law. You should check if accurate information verifiable by source documentation If an agreement is legally applicable, it becomes a contract. For the formation of an agreement, there must be two people/parties or more there must be a one person/party proposal and acceptance of the other person/party.